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This workshop is based on the teaching released by the Ascended Master, Lord Maitreya.  It contains the truth that will give us the keys to spiritual freedom. It gives us a clear and accessible view of the basic dynamic of the Universe, and the big picture that will answer many of our questions about the spiritual side of life.


Lord Maitreya was the master teacher in a mystery school known commonly as the Garden of Eden.  In this workshop, we will share the teaching on what caused the fall of man, which was truly a fall into a lower state of consciousness, where everything seems to be defined by its relationship to 2 opposite polarities, such as good and evil.  Yet in reality both polarities are defined by the mind that is separated from the oneness of God. 


Content of the workshop includes:

- How to find answers to life's questions

- The purpose of this Universe

- Understanding the purpose of Universal Laws

- Understanding the cosmic growth process

- How human beings lost contact with our spiritual teachers

- Understanding Christ and anti-christ

- What it means to be spiritually reborn

- Following a true teacher or a false teacher

- The difference between co-creators and angels

- A brief history of planet Earth

- Where did you come from and why are you here on Earth

- Why good people commit evil acts

- Discovering your life purpose

- Overcoming the dualistic mindset

- How to free yourself from false teachers


Come and join us in the full day workshop packed with informations that will challenge our mindset and our beliefs.    An open mind is encouraged.  


Vegan lunch and coffee breaks will be provided.


3 retreat cabins are available for those who require accommodation, click here for more information.


3 November 2019 (Sunday)

9am - 4pm

Investment : $150