Why it is important to learn how to use Spiritual Protection for Spiritual Growth

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

One of the most important concepts on the spiritual path is the idea that what one human being has done, all can do. With that in mind, let us consider how people can learn to protect themselves against the forces that oppose their spiritual growth.

Everything is energy, and therefore everything you do is done with energy. Consequently, every aspect of your life is affected by the natural laws that define how energy works. If you are serious about spiritual growth, it is absolutely essential that you attain a greater understanding of how every works. For example, protecting yourself from toxic energy should be as automatic as protecting your body from harmful bacteria.

When Albert Einstein discovered that everything is energy, he made it much easier for humankind to escape duality and begin to see the underlying oneness. Unfortunately, most people have not changed their world view based on Einstein’s findings, but that should not stop a spiritual seeker.

The fact that everything is made from energy means that there are no barriers in the universe.

Traditionally, religious people have seen a barrier between Heaven and earth, but it was never real. The material world and the spiritual world are both made from energy, and the only difference between them is a difference in the vibration of the energy waves. There truly is no barrier, and this is what allows you to receive directions and energy from the spiritual realm. The human mind works like a radio. When you are stuck in duality, your personal radio can receive only one station, namely the material universe that you can detect with the physical senses. As you climb toward Christ consciousness, you build a bigger antenna, and you can now receive more stations. This is what makes spiritual growth possible.

Another barrier that was never real is the barrier between mind and matter. Einstein’s discovery proved that solid matter is made from energy, and since thoughts are clearly a form of energy, it is possible that thoughts can influence matter. This explains why human beings have created the suffering you currently see on earth. They have done this through the power of their minds. The important concept is that there is no barrier between the spiritual and the material worlds. The material universe is an extension of the spiritual world, and we might compare the physical universe to the tip of an iceberg. It is part of a larger whole, but as long as people are trapped in the consciousness of duality, they cannot perceive the spiritual realm. It is hidden from view, as most of an iceberg is under water.

As your climb the spiritual path, you increase your sensitivity to energies beyond the material realm, and that should make it easy for people to accept that they are more than their physical bodies. You know that a magnet has an invisible field around it, and your body also has an energy field around it. In reality, the totality of your being is an energy field, and the physical body is simply the densest part of that energy field. It is important for spiritual seekers to contemplate the fact that they have an energy field around their bodies. All other people also have such fields so when you interact with another person, there is more to the interaction than meets the eye. All human interactions involve an exchange of invisible, what we might call psychic energy. I think everyone has experienced being yelled at by someone who is angry and then feeling down afterward. The reason is that an angry person sends out low-frequency, toxic energy that enters your field and affects how you feel and think about yourself.

Based on these straightforward considerations, it should be obvious to anyone that if you are serious about spiritual progress, it is essential that you learn how to protect your personal energy field against being invaded by toxic energy from outside sources. When you know how energy works, it becomes easy to see how to protect yourself.

Energy is simply vibration, and when a person engages in a negative feeling, such as anger, that person is sending out energy waves of a certain frequency. It should be obvious that anger will produce energy waves of a lower frequency than a positive emotion, such as love. Science can tell you that energy waves of a lower frequency cannot penetrate waves of a higher frequency. This is illustrated in many science fiction moves where a spaceship has a protective shield around it that neither misses nor laser beams can penetrate.

It now becomes obvious that one way to protect your energy field is to create a protective shield around it. This shield must be made from energy of higher frequencies than the many forms of toxic energies found on planet earth. Where is the natural place to find such frequencies? Obviously, it is the spiritual realm, which is made from vibrations that are higher than any of the vibrations in the material world. If you invoke a shield of high-frequency spiritual energy around your personal energy field, it can literally protect you against any of the vibrations found in the material world. If the protective shield is strong enough, you will be invulnerable to any toxic energies.

There are practical tools released by the ascended masters to invoke this high-frequency spiritual energy to protect your energy field. Get in touch with me if you would like to learn more.

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