Spirituality & Ascension

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

What is Spirituality?

I have observed that many people are somewhat afraid of the word, spiritual. They are afraid of people who are being spiritual, they look at the spiritual people with some judgement which I don’t feel that they even know why. To some people, spirituality is religion. When we goggle the word, there are many different definitions and explanations too. There is no one correct definition to what is spirituality because it can simply mean different thing to different people. To me, spirituality is about knowing and acknowledging that we are Spiritual Being here on Earth experiencing a human life by choice. It is much more than just meditating, praying, learning. It is about remembering who we truly are, and becoming more and BEING who we truly are.

“We are Spiritual Being here on Earth experiencing a human life by choice.”


We have seen over the years, especially in the New Age, the word Ascension. Again, many people see ascension as the path to enlightenment since their awakening, or simply to raise our vibration. To understand what ascension is really about, we need to understand that there are the different level of consciousness, and how our material universe works. But the most important thing is, we have to understand that the path to ascension, or to enlightenment, is not about reaching a certain goal, or getting somewhere. Because, there is no end to the journey! It is about the experience, every single experience that you desire to have, even the so called “bad” experience, and how you are able to transcend that and rise above the duality (the good and bad, the black and white). When you are able to do that, you are enlightened. At this time on Earth, we have the potential to still choose to maintain our physical body and continue to live on Earth when we have ascended or enlightened. So, my one advice to spiritual seekers out there who is embarking or has embarked this journey towards ascension, just enjoy every moment and every level you are at. Because when we are looking at trying to get to “somewhere” or achieve something, we are always not there yet, and we feel empty, we feel unfulfilled. So how do we become MORE when we are incomplete? What I have realised is, I am already enough. I am already complete as it is, at this moment, and then I can be more. However, I am not saying that we need to be complacent with what we already have, because the moment we stop learning and stop expanding to become more, we stop growing and while we thought that we are standing still at one place, in actual fact, we are descending. Because the whole Universe is going upward, thus anything that stands still, are going against the natural flow of the Universe (or we call it the River of Life). It is against our nature to not grow to the more, because we are all a spark of GOD, the Creator. And His desire, though he has given us the free will to experience whatever we want to experience, is one day we come back to Him. He will never want a part of him to be lost forever indefinitely. Anyone who continues to go into downward spiral, sooner or later, we will be broken down and be destroyed by the second law of thermodynamics. The Law of Oneness is all about growth and coming back into Oneness. We either become More (ascension of our consciousness) or become Less. There is nothing in between. So which one would you choose?

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