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Namaha Retreat is a Meditation & Wellness centre for your body, mind and soul.  We offer Personal Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Workplace Mindfulness & Meditation, and other alternative healings, spiritual coaching & meditation.


We also have independent qualified and experienced teachers / practitioners who love to share their passion about self-growth and self-transcendence, through the practice of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, workshops, mini retreats as well as massage & other alternative healings. 

Hi, my name is Arica. I am very excited to meet you!

I work with motivated spirits, just like yours, who want to embark on an exciting journey towards discovering your Real Self and work towards Self-Mastery.


Do you feel lonely, or feel like nobody understands you?  Do you feel that you have no one to talk to in your life or spiritual journey?  

I am creating a group of like-minded people so that we all can come together as a community for discussion and expression, as well as learning from one another, and supporting everyone's growth.  Feel free to join in Freedom Empowerers Community on Facebook, here's a space where everyone comes into Unity. 


Everything is about you and what you want to do, what you want to become, and what kind of life you want to live.  I am here to guide you and support you. 


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How I Can Help You


Arica is one of the wisest people I know. She has so much learned knowledge too, especially about the Ascended Masters teachings, which she is always ready to share.  She does so with true passion.  She always shows a great level of patience in finding a way to help me understand any questions I may have.  I love how she will say "I don't know" if she doesn't know the answer.  She is very authentic.  There is no pretence.  I have learnt so much from Arica and feel very blessed to have met her.

Dubai, U.A.E.

Kathy Gildert

Arica is by far one of the most beautiful spirits I have encountered in this life experience so far!  She is an old soul with compassion in so many ways and learning from her was an honour and life changing! Her authentic and generous spirit make her an inspiring teacher.  I met Arica at a vulnerable and anxious time in my life.  She was able to calmly create a space that felt safe enough for me to learn and practice the skills that could help me through these difficult emotions.  

Arica gives you a gift to connect to your inner self and tools to quieten and master your mind in a world that doesn't stop.  With her blend of compassion, wisdom, perception and sweetness, Arica is a delight to be with and I am very glad to have joined her on this journey and to have her as a friend in my life 🙏.


Lydia Schumann

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Arica for always been so helpful, she always guide me when I have doubt, she even gives me lots of advise how to be a new mummy haha! I took her advice and it helps. I like her way of teaching about spirituality, very down to earth and practical, I had a few private sessions coaching with her and I feel very comfortable and helpful after she has given me advices and her personal sharing.  I have know Arica more than 10 years, she has a gold heart and always like to help, she is a very humble person who I know in my way, the most beautiful thing that I love is her Authenticity, very authentic and kind.  I always admire her how can she take care of her 2 kids at home and be a very successful career woman at the same time.  This is my aim in my life too haha!


Josie Mazur