Todd Kinsella is a certified massage therapist with Diploma of Raynor Massage, accredited by the International Natural Therapists Association.  His vast experience and expertise is also gained from performing hundreds of massages on different body types and different ages.


He has been a sportsman, healthy lifestyler since teenage years, and has always had an interest in the functioning of the human body and fitness.   In 2010, Todd suffered a neck injury due to lifting a heavy object.  His injury left him unable to work for a long period of time.  This is when he became involved in learning massage techniques, trigger points and spinal functions, to try and help mend himself.

After studying Swedish Massage, he decided to improve his knowledge and the learning of the techniques of pressure point release make him well suited to Deep Tissue and Sports Massage as well.

Todd also has good strength and pressure for those who require them.  Since gaining a diploma in his technique, Todd has applied his knowledge to be able to tailor suit specific massage and therapy plans for his clients.

Todd is a solo father with 2 beautiful girls, and is also a professional touring musician in his spare time.  He enjoys fitness and keeping healthy, and has helped train sports people in the past.

Massage for Todd is a healing experience, not only for the client, but himself as well.  To hear clients tell him that their headache has ceased or the pain has gone, etc., is one of the most rewarding things to experience for Todd. 


Life's challenges, heartaches and being a solo dad, have all been part of Todd's journey, so he understands what others endure, and the negative effect this have on the body.  Todd has a warm and caring heart, and is a great listener and a trustworthy practitioner. 

His passion for massage doesn't stop here.  He has currently started to investigate Myofascial Massage and is very excited what possibilities this will add to his massage skills.