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Hatha Yoga, Deep Relaxation/Nidra Vidya

Lydia, also known as Devamurti, is originally from Germany and has been living in now her lovely adoptive home country of Aotearoa for more than 2 years. She is a self-professed chocolate lover,  and she enjoys travelling, cooking delicious vegan dishes & spending time in nature.  She also loves meeting people at where they are at and inspiring them to their true potential towards healing and growing.


Yoga has been one of her longest & most empowering relationship in her life. It has seen her through ups and downs of daily life and the intensity of her health disorder. Yoga inspired and helped her rediscover a more balanced lifestyle. "I pretty much experienced every emotion on the mat – crying, sweating, screaming, laughing. It has been my friend, my confidante and spiritual healer – it changed my life!", Devamurti said.

Devamurti is certified in teaching traditional Hatha & Yin Yoga. She loves keeping the classical approach to yoga alive by including asanas, pranayama & meditation in every session.  Her style is slow & gentle. She wants to empower people in their own experience of yoga. She puts her whole heart into the teaching because she loves it! Her class begins as soon as the clients walks through the door, before they have even stepped on the mat. Framed in love & warmth, she creates a space where people can feel held and explore their process.