Reiki, Card Readings, Intuitive Healings & Divination

Derrell spent a large part of his early life in Oropi and Tauranga before taking the opportunity to travel across Aoteroa and into the world.  He lived in London for 2 years which provided the opportunity to visit sacred sites in the UK.  He had also attended international courses on philosophy, Astral Travel, enhancing intuition and several modalities of divination while he was in UK.

Derrell also worked with druidry, shamanism and geomancy as ways to connect with our life journeys and the universe that we live in.  These are all tools for understanding and illuminating life.

Derrell has been working with Energy Healing and Divination for over 20 years.  Trained in Usui Ryoho Reiki, he also provides intuitive healings, divination and card readings that bring insight and understanding around life challenges and opportunities.

He works with clients in person and also remotely by phone or through video call.