Meditation, Personal Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy

Arica holds a Master's Degree in Metaphysical Science and Practitioner Diploma from the University of Metaphysics, and is an ordained minister with International Metaphysical Ministry.   Founder of The Namaha Retreat and also an Executive Director (Corporate Strategy) in a public listed company in Singapore, Arica is a successful businesswoman, a wife, a mother, meditation & spiritual teacher, healer, speaker, and trainer.    Her works include Personal Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Ascended Masters Teaching, counselling, EFT/TFT, Metaphysical Science and Meditation.  She is also a co-author for the book "Walking with Masters".


Arica had been through lots of ups and downs in her life.  Her parents separated since young, and she had seen how her mother struggled emotionally losing the husband to another woman while having to raise 3 young children together with her husband.  That affected her relationship with men as she grew up when she always ended up with the wrong men and breaking up due to their infidelity.  One day, she realized that she needed to break the chain and decided to take charge of her own life.


Despite what others said and what circumstances she was in, she believes that she determines her own life and she deserves the best.  She was determined to have a successful family of her own even when she came from a broken family.  Her life changed when she started to create her own life.  She met a wonderful man from New Zealand and has a blessed marriage with 2 beautiful children since 2008.

Arica's career and financial also improved when she took her company to be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2014.  She thought she had it all, but she still felt something missing and something empty inside her.  She asked what was life really about, a question since very young.  What was the purpose of us living?  We suffered in life, and even when we no longer struggle, suffer or in strife, is that all?  She knew there had to be more than just that.

Arica continued searching for answers.  She was one day awakened and her life changed forever.  Her perspectives on everything changed has since understood what life is about, why they are sufferings on Earth, what are our purposes here, and who we all really are.  Arica is very passionate about self-growth and self-transcendence. She believes that everyone can have a happy, successful and healthy life and relationship, a balanced life between family and career, regardless of any circumstances we are in.

Now continuing with her studies in PhD in Relationship Dynamics & Transpersonal Counselling, Arica loves to share with people how they can also end their own struggles and strives through raising their own consciousness.  Arica's passion is in helping to raise the consciousness on Earth so as to help bring back World Peace and the Golden Age.