It has been a wonderful journey for me since opening Namaha Retreat in September 2019.  My vision at that time was to create a Meditation and Wellness Centre for the community in Tauranga, where we can all come together to learn, heal and grow.  Not long after, I received notice from the Tauranga City Council that I was required to obtain a Resource Consent which I was prepared to apply for at that time.  I had met with the City Council together with the town planner before the Covid-19 lockdown happened, and was advised that the Council was not giving out any more Resource Consents for residential areas, and that we could continue to operate only by sizing down the operation, so that it fits into the criteria of not requiring a Resource Consent.  

It brought me to a fork in the road.  If I wanted to work freely, and without any limitations, I had to go about this a different way.  After some deliberation, I decided to close Namaha Retreat and move my teachings and services to somewhere else. Now I will be teaching meditation and offer my services (Relationship Dynamics Coaching, Hypnotherapy & Lucia Light Session) at Bloom Co at The Lakes, Pyes Pa on Mondays and Thursdays. Please connect with me through my new website at


When we find ourselves being challenged and limited on how we can be of service to others, the Universe is telling us to find and explore more options, and it does not cease to support us in our journey. As the saying goes, “when one door closes, another opens”.  I am excited and so looking forward to a new journey!  I thank everyone for your continual support and trust in me, and I will see you real soon! 

Love & Light,